This is a very core course that you need first in order to get into some of the more advanced concepts and a lot of things that we'll get into.

Inside this course, you'll find concepts that we'll come back to over and over and over again, like how to get groups populated properly to target your automation and understanding how to create users and security roles to control access to various components of Automate.

I'm going to help you understand clients, locations, and agents, how things are organized, how you get new ones in there, and how you get old ones out. I'll also show you how to find information by using data views, find computers that fit certain criteria, and get reports on basic things.

This course covers the tools that make up everything else and concepts that we'll keep coming back to that you really need to understand before we get into more in-depth things like patching and monitoring because they all rely on many of the concepts presented in this course.

I certainly recommend this course as a great starting point if you don't have a lot of experience with Connectwise Automate, or if you need a refresher. The videos are not that long. I move right through them and provide a few case studies, and in later courses, we'll get into much more advanced concepts.

Feel free to jump right in. I'd recommend starting with "targeting your automation" since it's such a core concept in Automate but go with wherever makes sense for you. There are a few core concepts here that are pretty important.

I look forward to instructing you, and I will see you on the inside.

Happy learning!

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