This section is downloadable content for advanced systems. Over the years of running comprehensive MSP and working with many different MSPs, I created these systems. Inside you'll find Watcher, Patcher, and other automations. These represent more than just a script or just a monitor.

This is a collection meant to manage an entire aspect of things.

For example, Watcher is a monitoring system. I created a ton of custom monitors. There's a screen with a checkbox system where you can easily turn things on and off per client, exclude machines, and very easily fine-tune your monitoring.

I did something very similar with Patcher where I baked in several great options that many people tend to use and made them easily selectable.

This is much more advanced than a standalone thing. There are a lot of moving pieces that are working together. I encourage you to watch the videos thoroughly and really look at things before installing it because you need to understand it first.

There will be tutorials about how to use it and how to get it installed. Make sure you are familiar with and understand monitors and scripts and what's going on behind the scenes before installing it. It's definitely an advanced piece of automation and not for beginners.

Nevertheless, you will have access to it in this section. It will also be linked to inside the community where you can ask questions and get feedback.

I hope you enjoy it, and we'll see you on the inside.

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