This is a category for tools that have already been created to manage a specific scenario or problem or thing that's needed. These are solutions I've already created and made available for download here.

There will be a video explaining each one, but the idea is to download these. They will typically come with an XML file. and in the video there will be some instructions about how to get it installed and how to use it.

As always with any tool like this, use it at your own discretion.

I will very thoroughly explain what each tool is doing because I want you to learn from it as well.

You'll find a mirror of this stuff over in the community as well. So whether you got here through the course or through the community, you're in the right place if you're looking to download some cool stuff.

We hope to add a lot more over time. If you have any suggestions, go over to the community and leave us a comment.

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