This section is System Maintenance Stuff. So what does that mean?

If you're going to administer Automate, then there are a variety of maintenance things that you should do. There are various settings that you might want to adjust, for example, the retention of logs or the solution center. That's where you get updates to your plugins. sync your solutions, and get all the latest and greatest stuff from ConnectWise themselves, looking at your scripting engine, determining how it's running and whether or not it's running efficiently.

There are things that it makes sense to stay on top of and to do, and as those things come up, I'm going to make instructional videos covering those and put them in here.

If you are the administrator of Automate and you have to do behind-the-scenes stuff to verify that it's running well, then this course is for you.

Feel free to dive right in, and also check over in the community where there's a section for discussing this topic.

If you have suggestions for anything that isn't covered here, but should be please let me know.

See you on the inside and happy automating!

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