This course covers agent deployment. This is a very important topic because it's one of the first things that you have to manage.

When you get Connectwise Automate, you have to get the agent for Connectwise Automate out to the machines that you intend to manage. If you have just one network you're managing, such as in the case of internal IT use, then this will be a little easier. If you're an MSP, it could get more complicated.

Here you'll learn some of the common ways that you can get your agent out there. We're going to talk about group policy, deployment, network probes, how they function, how you turn them on, and how you configure them.

If you're coming in with another RMM or some other tool, we'll talk about how you could potentially leverage that to get agents out. We'll talk about creating custom agent installations, downloading those, and getting those into place where you can actually get them distributed. And of course, we'll talk about clients and locations and the locations inside of Connectwise Automate where these agents could be categorized and will ultimately live.

If that sounds like something that you're having issues with, if you've just gotten Connectwise Automate, or if even if you are a veteran, it's always a challenge. We're going to break it all down here.

We also link any videos here in our community as well where you can comment and discuss with me and other members.

Happy learning. I'll see you inside the course.

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