Meet Your Instructor

Hello and welcome to Educated Automation. My name is Brian Kelly, and I am going to be teaching you how to properly use ConnectWise Automate. Now you may be asking yourself, "Who is Brian Kelly? What qualifies him to teach me any of this stuff?"

Some of you in the community may already know me. If you do, then it's probably from a company that I ran and owned called Comprehensive MSP, where I leveraged Automate to create automations and consult for MSPs across the globe in more than 10 countries. Before that I was working in MSPs since 2002, so I've had quite a few years of experience doing this. I've been able to learn a lot, develop many things, and really contribute to the community.

At the end of comprehensive MSP, I faced a problem that was very similar to a problem that you may face, which is there are not enough people out there that know how to properly use Connectwise Automate and know what you would use it for, such as an MSP environment or managing a large network.

Ultimately, I just couldn't help everybody, which is why I took a step back and why now I've created Educated Automation. Now I can create something once and it becomes part of this library, part of this community.

Now I can share it with everybody.

I have had years and years of experience doing this. I've been at a tier three engineer Office 365 migration, server installations, the whole nine yards. Everything from the help desk to being the operations manager of managed service providers. This has been my bread and butter for a very long time. Because of that, I've been able to learn many things, which I now want to pass on to you. The community needs this stuff, and there wasn't a clear place to find it, nor is it a job small enough for one man to handle by himself.

So that's who I am. I truly hope to teach you as much as I can, provide as much value as I can, and give as much as I can, because I want everybody to finally have an easy place to get all of this knowledge, to gather all of these resources, and really start putting this platform to work for you.

I'm certainly the guy, if you do a little research, you'll find other instructional videos I've done in the past, other people that I've helped, but now I am here to help you.

There is a comment section below this video, and if there's anything else that you would like to know about me, I'm happy to answer any questions.

Until then, happy automating. I'll see you on the inside.

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