Scripting is a huge staple of ConnectWise Automate. It's the hand that reaches out and does the things that you want to do. You also can be really intelligent with your scripts. They can be smart, they can be logical, and they can make decisions.

We're going to go through scripts that are already in Automate. We're going to go through running and scheduling scripts, commonly used commands that are inside of those scripts, best practices, creating tickets from within scripts, getting notifications, sending emails, manipulating data, reading extra data fields, and saying, "Should I do this?" Even other logic stuff like checking to see if a piece of software is installed and saying, "I guess we don't need this then."

There are a couple of case studies where we build a software installer, build a command-line-based script.

There will be an accompanying space for this discussion in the community. Each video in this course will be mirrored there. As a community, we can take this even further. There you can propose ideas on what we should script next, what was covered, what wasn't, what makes sense, and more.

This is a big one, I know. Definitely go through The Fundamentals and general material first if you can, and some terminology that you need to know.

Then jump right in, and I will see you on the other side.

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